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The American Bones series is a multimedia art project that explores America's cultural infrastructure, distilling aspects of identity and collaging them together as a visual commentary on the bone structure of America. From architecture, landscapes, portraits, and public art to the commoditization of memory that is the souvenir, the work explores the essential iconic forces that form regional identity.

2012 T H ER O A D T R I P

In 2012, a retired greyhound, Diesel Lamar, and “Foxy Brown”, the Chevy van, joined me as I launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund a 5 month road trip to exploring America. In April of 2012, the American Bones Road Trip launched, traveling through Texas, the Gulf Coast, down to Key West, and up the Eastern seaboard all the way to Maine's Canadian border. We continued traveling through the Rust Belt to Detroit for a week at Tech Shop creating the Kickstarter's pledge gift of the acrylic roller coasters. We headed for Chicago, down through the Midwest to New Mexico, Arizona, and back up through California by September 1, 2012.

2013T H ER E T R E A T

High and strange indeed up in the Santa Fe Mountains, past Pecos up into the Dalton Canyon and nestled into a vacated summer community, was a family of three. Happy to have meals and wood all provided for, I kept busy in the studio. Time was mostly spent writing, painting and reviewing the image archives, taking the time to assimilate my photos and experiences into cohesive stories, essays, portfolios and themes that best illustrate the American identity.

2013R O A D T R I P T O T H ER E S I D E N C Y   
After the winter thaw, we were on the road again for a residency in western Massachusetts. We traveled through the Bible belt, Tornado Alley and the Bourbon Trail, visiting the deep south of Elvis, Bluegrass, mega churches, slavery and civil war history. In June, we arrived at an old horse farm in Ware, MA about one hour from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Here we continued the work of painting, writing and creating the work of American Bones.
In August, we had two exhibits in Concord, MA and Caribou ME.On our third crossing we stopped in at the Pittsburgh Tech Shop and made more Rollercoasters. We returned to San Francisco in September to host two shows, painting and photography.

2014T H E M O V E T O N E WY O R K   

Perhaps for the final time, Diesel and I in Foxy Brown hit the road again going south through the southwest battling the epic ice storms till we were as far south as Knoxville, TN. We came up the eastern seaboard and have arrived in New York early Febuary. Here we will pursue galleries, book deals and selling the laser cut designs I have mastered for the last two years.

To find out more about the project, you can watch my movie trailer tease or visit my Facebook page at zannahnoeart, or subscribe to my blog. You can purchase prints and stencils at my etsy shop, NOEart.